Welcome to Safe Identity Canada


Safe Identity Canada is an organization with a mandate to work with government organizations,  service providers, commercial corporations and Canadian citizens to safely and securely enable the Digital Economy.

Currently the digital economy is growing at a rate of 8% annually within G-20 countries and is expected to represent USD$4.2 Trillion online commerce in 2016.  This is outside of the scope of other services that continue to grow at extremely high rates that don’t impact revenue within this region. Canada continues to be one of the most evolved economies worldwide with respect to consuming services online and access to high quality internet services.

Over 90% of Canadian’s have access to high speed internet services.  With initiatives like “Digital Canada 150” this will continue to further enable more and more Canadians to access high value services in convenient ways from the homes and mobile devices. With this convenience however comes the concern about security, privacy and identity theft.

Safe Identity Canada is working closely with all levels of government across Canada to design, develop and manage services that store, move and manage personal identity information.

Safe  Identity Canada is acting in the best of interest of enabling safe, secure and privacy enhancing use of citizen personal identity information.  Our mission is to put the citizen in control of their personal identity information and work with governments and commercial organizations to provide the tools and services that enable that.

In the commercial setting, Safe Identity Canada is developing programs and services to work directly with commercial organizations such as financial institutions and telecommunications service providers to ensure that the services that they deliver can capitalize and utilize the privacy enabling services being put in place by the various Provinces and Federal Government.

For the citizen, Safe Identity Canada  provides educational material, services and seminars that allow citizens to gain a better understanding of the use of their personal identity information in the Digital Economy. Our seminars explain how to manage the risk associated with your personal identity information on the Internet while also separating fact from fiction in a practical way and explain what can be a very puzzling and confusing thing to many.

Currently there are very few controls in place for citizens to effectively manage their personal identity information which is scattered all over the internet. This is what creates the vulnerabilities that lead to identity theft. This is also the reason that governments worldwide are moving to put in place regulations, controls and services to help protect the citizens in their respective countries. Canada is a thought leader in this space and well recognized internationally for being conscious of balancing citizen privacy with convenience.  This is evident in the new identity services that are evolving for the citizen.

Safe Identity Canada’s mandate is to :

  • Educate and enable the citizen in the Digital Economy with respect to the use, management and control of their personal identity information
  • Work with governments at all levels in Canada and internationally to enable privacy enhancing solutions that allow citizens to safely and securely perform services online with the same confidence they do in the ‘physical world’
  • Work with financial and telecommunications service providers and  both government and commercial organizations to provide services to citizens that capitalize on the new identity, authentication and security solutions that are being put in place by government organizations to help  citizens avoid identity theft in the online setting and be provides with convenient high value services.

Safe Identity Canada has extremely close connections to the government organizations that are working to help citizens protect themselves yet capitalize on the convenience of this modern Digital Economy.  We are part of the working groups and national organizations creating the policies, standards, architectures and services to enable the citizen.

Putting the citizen at the centre and in control of their personal identity information.


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