RCMP video on Identity Theft.

This is a pretty short video but it gets the point across. One thing that is in there that I can’t stress enough is not to give anyone your personal information unless you are absolutely sure who they are. Just because someone calls you and tells you and knows your name and some of your personal information does not mean they aren’t scamming you. A lot of standard information like name, address phone number and information on your wife and kids isn’t hard to find on the Internet.

A key thing to remember is that if someone  calls you and asks ‘you’ for your account number or something similar, that should be a red flag right there. If they are calling you, they should have that information.

Never hesitate to say you will “call back” or are busy and then turn around and call your bank or the CRA to verify that they are trying to get hold of you. And as I have said in the past, the CRA and most banks will always send a letter (or several) before ever calling you at home for any reason.

Be safe.

Jamie G – Safe Identity Canada




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